Mark Matika - Testimonials

Mark has touched many lives in his seminars:

Diana G "What an amazing experience it was for me to attend the seminar- I truly felt so much lighter when I left- I felt open, free and ready to share myself without the hesitation of my fear of trust stopping me! I have seen a difference in my life too- I NOW hear my lil voice trying to warn me, or tell me to watch out or be careful- and now I can chose if I want to listen to it or not- now it is my choice and not an automatic way of being. The seminar to me was a 10! I loved the energy of the room and one of the things that made me feel really comfortable was the generous sharing by so many- it made me feel safe!"

Patti D "I've always trusted your coaching and during FLY you excelled in delivering your promise and commitment to us. I've been saying my affirmations and actually starting to believe them. I had a perfect partner helping create those affirmations. I felt a camaraderie in the room toward you and each other. I've had an uplifting energy since the workshop. I'm also giving the people around me alot more room to be themselves and loving them more. I can't wait to see what the next couple of months bring, out of my creation and speaking. Thanks Mark for your authenticity love and committment.

You get a 10- 1/2 from me!!"

Wendi S "Yes, a very inspirational day spent with great people. Thank you Mark for helping so many of us see life in an entirely different way! A high frequency life we all deserve...feels great! see you soon"

Sue F "WOW! What an incredible day! Mark's book is a must for everyone's personal library and one to go back on when needed. His seminar is illuminating. Mark, Thank You for the contribution you are to so many people so that they may truly live the life they love and make this world a better place. I'd highly suggest getting to the next one of Mark's Seminars"

Jared M "Thanks for an excellent seminar. I appreciate the way you made it easy for us as a group to expose the "stinkin thinkin" that has been getting in the way of life. On the way home I said my affirmations and was able to allow my mind to bring up other areas that I needed to replace bad thought with good ones. I definitely feel lighter and more at peace after spending the day working on myself. I am looking forward to counting the positive things that come my way as a result of the changes that were made today and in the days to come!"

Sue S "The Best...SIMPLY THE BEST. Emotionally charged for me-and really got me clear on I'm OK. and exactly where I should be in my journey!"

And with his book:

Marianne T "Powerful message...easy read. If I had this book 25 years ago when I started my personal development journey, I could have saved myself thousands of dollars on books and seminars. It's all here in one book... amazing. Thank you Mark!"

Paul O "Mark Matika has committed his life to empowering other people. He lives that commitment everyday. High Frequency Living is a concise, powerful and illuminating workbook that helps you unleash your spirit and access a life of purpose, love and self-expression. With straight forward language and personal examples, Mark shares insights and discoveries and invites the reader to let go of self-imposed limitations, opening doors to new levels of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment."

Michael K "Mark Matika has been one of my coaches for almost 20 years. When I met Mark I was broke and bankrupt in many ways. Today my wife and I have financial independence. High Frequency Living is a must read for anybody looking to free themselves from self limiting beliefs. Mark puts it all together and provides a road map to access living a life you love created by you."