Who Is Mark Matika?

After following traditional education in high school and college, Mark chose a path less traveled and began to investigate alternative ways of thinking, healing and personally evolving. Studying nutrition, astrology, transformation, spirituality, metaphysics and the laws of prosperity, he developed workshops for people to be able to regain their power. Mark now leads his Falling in Love with Yourself seminars and is committed to supporting people in finding their purpose in life.

High Frequency Living

A book that provides a process for freeing a person's trapped spirit. Through distinctions such as guilt, regret, resentment, fear, worry, doubt, etc., the source of suffering that human beings experience is revealed. At that point people are left with a clean slate upon which they can design a new life. Responsibility, integrity, and forgiveness are key universal truths that are explored and made clear. Each soul's purpose and evolution is unique, and access to that purpose becomes available. This results in the ability to live a life you love which allows your spirit to soar.

Live-A-Life-You-Love Workshop

In today's world, opportunities to pursue your passion are hard to find. In fact, it's been said that many college kids are depressed when they graduate from college. Employment rates for college graduates have fallen sharply and over 85% of college graduates are moving back home, faced with with overwhelming debt.

This workshop will provide a roadmap for living a life you love.


Falling In Love With Yourself Seminar

What is illuminated in the seminar:
- Why people aren't in love with themselves - How human beings become programmed - Ways we sabotage ourselves - Recognizing beliefs that trap us - Getting to the source of your suffering - Owning what owns you - The power of personal forgiveness - How to create and sustain a life you love The promise is that people will discover the source of their suffering, and be left with freedom and a clean slate upon which to create their lives.

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What Students are Saying


Jared M "Thanks for an excellent seminar. I appreciate the way you made it easy for us as a group to expose the "stinkin thinkin" that has been getting in the way of life. On the way home I said my affirmations and was able to allow my mind to bring up other areas that I needed to replace bad thought with good ones. I definitely feel lighter and more at peace " …Read More